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~ What are "Obitsu"-Dolls? ~

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Dolls from Obitsu are so called "Custom dolls" from japan.

Custom doll means that you don't buy the complete doll (there are some complete sets though) but instead buy parts of it separately.


The dolls come in 2 sizes. 1/6 is roughly "Barbie"-size (~ 20-30cm), 1/3 is twice that size (~ 50-60cm).


Obitsus are made of vinyl, other than Ball Jointed Dolls which are made from resin.


Bodies, heads, wigs and eyes are sold separately. The face-up is usually painted buy the customer (with thinned acrylic paint or pastels).

There are shoes and clothes for the standard sizes. Many people make the clothes by themself though.


Smaller dolls aren't that expensive (~ 35,- for a body + head with hair), the big ones cost alot though (~ 200,- for body and head and you will need a wig and eyes for it too) plus shipping fee and eventually taxes depending where you live. And of cause you'll need shoes, clothes or material for it...

So the hobby can cost alot if you are want the big dolls or many small ones. ^.^;


~ Wigs and Eyes ~

- 1/6 size:

This dolls usually have rooted hair and you paint on the eyes and mouth.

There are heads with eye-holes (6-8mm depending on head) and ones that need wigs (~4,5mm) though.

- 1/3 size:
Here you usually use glass- or acrylic eyes (16-22mm) and wigs (~ 7-9 inch).

For the wigs "MSD"-size means 7-8inch, "SD"-size 8-9inch.


~ Clothes and Shoes ~

- 1/6 size:
There are shoes from Obitsu. Barbie-shoes don't fit at all cause Obitsu-feet are flat. I don't know if shoes from other dolls fit.

Obitsu and Parabox sell clothes.

Barbie-clothes sometimes fit the 27cm female dolls with big bust, the ones with small bust can sometimes wair clothes from Skipper. I don't know about the other sitzes. :/

I usually make the clothes by myself even if they don't look very profesional. ^.^

- 1/3 size:

Shoes for "Mini Super Dollfie" (MSD) fit and of cause the ones from Obitsu.

Clothes are very hard to find if you don't buy them from Obitsu or Parabox cause the body is shaped very differently from other dolls at this size. The 60cm dolls have longer legs and arms than SD-sized dolls and the 50cm one is between SD and MSD sized dolls.


~ What's it all about? ~

Custom dolls are meant for adults (the package sais "Age 15+") and not for small children.

There are different reasons why people buy an Obitsu doll:

Many people think its fun to make an own doll (without having to be able to make one completely from scratch).

And many love it to make doll-clothes.

Others like to use them as a foto-modell cause they are very posable and can hold their position very well (Obitsus even have magnets in the feet and can stand on a metall-plate).

And some just want a doll for cudling with it (yep, even adults ^.^) or are doll-collectors who like the concept.


And I think alot of people like it on Obitsus (and "Dollfie Dream" dolls too) that they are quite simular to action figures and modell-kits.

You don't just have a "baby-doll for little children" but one that can be beautyful like a doll, articulated like an action figure and customisable like a modell-kit. :)


~ Fotos (Size comparison) ~

~ Fotos (Obitsu 27cm) ~

~ Fotos (Obitsu 50cm) ~

~ Fotos (Obitsu 60cm) ~

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