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~ My Poems ~


Out of the bones of the living


Out of the bones of the living
Has wound invisible the larva of my soul.
Where creeping unstoppable between their spirits
And burned the death
Out of them.

Towers of old cities, embedded in temples and walls,
Surrendered to me.
And I gave them life,
Blasting fiery red stones to leaves
And blossoms.

And as I conquered the glass stairways of the heaven,
I overcame the beauty
And destroyed the light of the stars
To mist
Of dreams.

And as I recreated of my beauty,
My freedom
And my soul

I was Myself.


To stone

 From the sea
- Licking at the shores -
Smooth grindet,
Silt up
The dust of the universe,
The life of the stars
To earth,
To pepples,
To stone.

Woven to rocks.



Broken wings

Blinding light.
Singeing heat.
Sunrays become wheels of fire
And are burning the skin.

Like wilt leaves,
Broken strings,
Shattered times:

Turning over.
Staggering through the timelessnes.
A lonely tear, which is dispersed

By the wind.
Into the nothing.

High in the sky the scream
For eternity!

Then darkness.
And only one single ray of the sun
Comes through it and sees

And broken wings.

Picture: Fairy

In a heart of moonless night


In a heart of moonless night
Are swaying the dreams
Of shadowy souls

In an endless reign.
And dancing and weaving
Are rising veils

Like silvermisty morninghaze.
In lovely waves
Are swaying sounds

Calm and carefully in front of ossified forests
With trees out of shadows
And dreams of misty winds.


Whisper out of the shadows

Through all winds rings out my call
Through all airs hastes my silence
At every rock face brakes my word
In every labyrinth sneaks my echo

And through the darkness of the chaos
Cralws my laugh
And through the blinding light
Runs my only tear

In all colors mixed my soul
Through the grey dancing like a veil my spirit
At every drop of life brakes my death without a noise
In every dance of death surrenders my force of life

And through the darkness of the chaos
Crawls my laugh
And through the blinding light
Runs my only tear

To eternity


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