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~ Indie Games ~

Indie-Games sind Spiele, die von kleinen Studios oder Einzelpersonen entwickelt werden.

Die Grafik ist dadurch im allgemeinen eher durchschnittlich, aber teilweise auch ungewöhnlich. Ein großer Vorteil von Indie-Games ist, daß die Entwickler die Spiele machen, die sie selber gerne spielen würden und nicht welche, die in erster Linie viele Käufer finden sollen. Dadurch entstehen oft sehr interresante Spiele. :)


~ The Path ~

"Go to grandmother's house. And stay on the path."


- Genre: Horror

- Age: 14+

- Playtime: ~ 30-60 minutes per character

- Languages: en (other languages available after Patch-installation)

Operating systems: Windows, Mac

(Linux: The Windows-version runs under some wine-versions. If the characters are not shown correctly press Esc in the menu/game, then "Options" and after that "shader characters".)

- Cost: ~ 10,- (only available as Download).

- Free demo-version: "The Path - Prologue" (Download)

- Homepage: Tale of Tales - The Path

- Game on Steam:


About the game:


"The Path" is an atmospheric horror-game with many symbols from the fairytale "Little red riding hood".


You play 6 sisters who are told to go to grandmother's house and to stay on the path.

The youngest sister is 9 the oldest 19 years old. The nice thing is, every sister has an own personality so they each play a bit different.


It's hard to describe the game without telling too much about it. Let's say it this way: There are no levels, no enemies, no real goal. And if you can't imagine horror without zombies-who-suddenly-jump-out-on-you this game might not be for you. XD


The game has scary moments (the music helps alot with that. It's sooo mean when you get scared, run away and the music gets faster all the time. ^.^; ) but most of the horror starts in the head when you understand the story.

While we are at understanding: I played the game 2x so far and I still didn't understand some things - which is intended by the game-makers. The game is full of symbols and everyone can interprete it differently. :)


Even if that description sounds relativley harmless, the game is definetively not for children.


(The demo-version contains a part of the game where you can test the play-style but it hase no story which makes is not very scary.)


~ Minecraft ~

"Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine."


- Genre: Building/Sandbox-Game

- Age: ~ 8+

- Playtime: A loooong time

- Languages: English, other

- Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

- Console: XBox 360, PSN

- Cost: ~ 20,- (Shop:

- Homepage:

- Wiki:

- Pretty textures: Sheep Pack, Frenden's, Jolicraft, Eldpack


Tips for beginners:

- Turn of monsters: In the game press "E" > "Options" > "Difficulty: Peaceful".

- The world is generated at random. If you don't like the outcome just make a new one. :)

- If you play with monsters on you should first build some house or cave.

- Day and night are 10 minutes long each.When there is light animals will spawn, when it's dark there will be monsters (if you didn't turn them off). If you go to bed at night the time will jump to the next morning.

- Important items you should craft soon:

Tools: axe, pickaxe, shovel, (sword)

Misc.: crafting table, chest, furnace, bed


~ World of Goo ~

"How did I get up here?" - The Sign Painter


- Genre: Puzzle/Dexterity

- Age: ~ 8+ (The game has some surreal elements. I think very young children might be frightened.)

- Playtime: Several hours

- Languages: English, other

- Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

- Konsole: Nintedo Wii

- Cost: ~15,-

- Free demo-version: Download. (Some Linux-distributions have the demo in the package-manager. :) )

- Homepage: 2Dboy - World of Goo

- Game on Steam:

About the game:


"World of Goo" is a puzzle-game, where you have to build bridges, towers and the like to get to a pipe at the end of the level.

But you allways have to keep a few balls while doing so cause often the level is only completed when you brought a certain amount of goos to the pipe.

There are many different goo-balls in the game which have varying abilities. For instance some can only be used once.


The interresting thing on "World of Goo" is the gravity in the game, which makes everthing unsteady when you build too far/high. ^.^


The game has a background-story which can be interpreted differently. And the goo-balls are sooo cute. ^.^


(The demo-version contains the complete first world (of 4).)


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